Recap of week in D.C.


The Louisiana Fire Service delegation met with Louisiana Congressman and Senators last week in Washington DC during the 29th Annual National Fire Emergency Services Symposium and Dinner sponsored by the Congressional Fire Services Institute. Each year, approximately 2,000 fire and emergency officials participate in the program. Attending this year representing the Louisiana Fire Service:

·         LFCA President Chad Roberson

·         LFCA Past-President Mark Stewart

·         LFCA Executive Officer Guy M. Bonin

·         LFCA Executive Officer Skip Pinkston

·         LFCA Executive Officer Russell Di Salvo

·         LFCA Executive Officer Tracey Normand

·         LFCA Executive Officer Ken Himel

·         IAFC Southwest Division LA VP – Robert Benoit

·         IAFC Southwest Division Director – Roy Robichaux

·         LSFA Executive Officer – Brian Lindberg

·         LFFA Executive Officer – Charlie Metcalf


The group with able to meet with all six congressional offices and both Senators offices over 2 days discussing federal legislation that affects the Louisiana fire service. The group felt like the Louisiana federal delegation were very receptive to the items presented.

They also thanked the members that are part of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus (Senator Cassidy and Congressman Scalise) and invited the other members from Louisiana to join. The caucus is one of the largest caucuses in Congress.

Please find attached the talking points that were presented in Washington. On Wednesday, April 5th, Senator John McCain (AZ), Senator Jon Tester (MT), Senator Susan Collins (ME), and Senator Tom Carper (DE) introduced S. 829, legislation to reauthorize the Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) and Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant programs.  

The 115th Congress – Louisiana Hot Sheet.docx  Or text can be read hereCFSI #2

Please read below the summary of grant funding to Louisiana from 2015.  The complete report  may be downloaded (prepared and provided by LSU FETI) 

Here’s a summary of the grant money that’s been awarded

AFG Grant 2015 Awarded to the state of Louisiana: $5,345,636 Awarded. See below for individual district awards

Congressional District #1 $1,134,335 Congressional District #2   $774,519 Congressional District #3   $577,088 Congressional District #4 $1,767,660 Congressional District #5   $673,979 Congressional District #6    $418,055

For a breakdown by district and department you may download the complete report 2015 AFG Report[24864]

SAFER Grant Awarded to the state of Louisiana: District #4 & #6

Leesville Fire Department                     Leesville           Hiring                   $539,184

St. George Fire Protection District        Baton Rouge    Hiring                 $1,478,820

2015 SAFER Report





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